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Stagnation, yes?

Actually, ther're less that ten of blogposts I re-read from time to time. Some are quite related to game industry, by notch and second one, "the way of indie", by Crash-512 (hi, Max!).

Some days ago I've heard something from my girlfriend, something like "This world sucks just because everything you can do is basically to earn that much money to ignore the rules". That made me think a bit.

Notch said quite right - while you're self-confident, you can stay in this world of earning, paying, earning, paying, without understanding that you're receiving so precisely dosed amount of freedom to...stay in this world, actually.

You're alone, and always alone. This is your war to fight, so stay tuned, hungry, unsatisfied and curious.
And wake up, bitch.

this is an open letter to myself, don't bother

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