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I code, therefore I exist

I code. And I code a lot.

I've done some 100k+ $ projects, couple of frameworks, and hell lot of sites I don't even remember. I kind of pullrequested symfony, ruby, haxe, QT, Eclipse, some lessc parsers, among others, and I speak php, python, a bit of common lisp, I've already forgotten C++/DirectX, and some other thingies too.

The point is, coding sucks.

The point is that symfony, php and other things suck too, not because of the infrastructure (that sucks by definition cos lots of people just can't be right), but because tools doesn't matter. The matter is what you do.

Concluding, dependency injection, IOC, decorators, proxies, observers and so on suck also. Readability and modularity count...sometimes, if they make a great product. Summarizing, neither Windows ME nor Heroes 4 were great products.

I learn a lot, and learning I understand how small is amount of my knowledge, and how futile my knowledge is. What's the point I CAN HAZ DO PATTERNZ if there's no facebook or WOW I've made?

The programming, as an industry, has two plagues - managers who don't code and code beauty. Epic shitcode makes great things, see Linux or Windows. Epic requests (CAN I HAZ KITTEHZ PLZ?) makes your patterns...suck.

Programming, as it is, is a thin translation layer between man (who tends to overcomplicate) and computer (which is basically as stupid as your left boot). Great ideas make great things...if ideas are formalized. If they are not, 42 is what you get.

We live in world of 42's, and tend to enhance our Deep Thoughts, rendering out 42's more and more beautiful, instead of changing our questions.

Fuck of patters, just sit and code. If the result is interesting for someone, enhance and probably refactor. If not, you're thinking you're too cool, your ideas suck, your code is a spaghetti, go ride a bicycle.

The point is, ACTA sucks (c) notch.

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